XingZhi (ages 8-10): Knowledge is Power

We live in a globalized world where cross-cultural connections are more important and prevalent than ever before. The Global Commons Camp will be an immersive English experience, because English is the first or second language of most campers. For this age-cohort, activities will be more customized to the actual ages and skills of the campers. The theme — Knowledge is Power — is an important recognition and motivation for kids at this level. The more kids understand the importance and personal value of knowledge, the more they are motivated to take responsibility for their own learning. 

ZhiXing means “knowledge-action” — Tao’s name implies that when you have knowledge, action is easy. In the PlanetLabs.Earth camps for younger children, campers undertake a range of challenges of increasing open-endedness and difficulty. During the STEAMengine camp in 2019, campers built a rocket using limited materials, and competed in teams to build a bridge using popsicle sticks. The kids needed to optimize their designs to hold the most weight per unit of cost. Many of these challenges require experimentation or internet research, as well as creativity. 

During these camp sessions, younger campers will develop skills for self-directed, enjoyable learning and discovery. Campers will also develop life-long, meaningful friendships across cultural differences and language barriers.