Who We Are

A PlanetLabs.Earth Summer Camp is a transformational experience! Through collaboration with an international community on addressing currently relevant problems facing humankind, PlanetLabs.Earth aims to immerse campers in experiences that foster innovation, teamwork, cross-cultural understanding, integrity, and a sense of responsibility. Campers learn how to think and get things done in a fun and engaging environment. Through our programs, participants develop the skills necessary to navigate their futures with confidence, passion, and a readiness to contribute meaningfully to the global community!

The Global Commons Camp in Yunnan this summer will bring together campers from China, the United States, Europe, and Russia to work on projects related to sustainability, community building, and artificial intelligence. Campers will have the opportunity to work on meaningful projects to deepen their understanding and mastery of these topics. Additionally, campers will have the chance to explore the natural wonders and cultural institutions of China’s Yunnan province. We are so excited to create life-long memories with campers joining us this summer!